Thursday, July 4, 2019

13 not-quite-so-Random Bits of Living

“If you trust in yourself… and believe in your dreams… and follow your star… you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things [and having fun] and weren’t so lazy.” ~ Terry Pratchett [and moi] 

1. Since we met, my Piano Man and I have been reenacting our first date. But we weren’t in New York this year, so we visited a 100-year-old lighthouse and explored…

2. I conquered (all right, all right, my walking staff and I have been working hard at conquering) tricky trails and rocks. My lovely cankles and my wrists were rather swollen afterwards, but… the swelling didn’t last. WoooHooo!

3. My Piano Man delighted in his flexibility. I delighted in the delicious view *cough*.
4. For some reason, my mind kept chanting, “Merricat, said Connie, would you like a cup of tea? Oh no, said Merricat, you’ll poison me. Merricat, said Connie, would you like to go to sleep? Down in the boneyard ten feet deep!”, while this dear deer allowed me (and a bunch of slightly enthralled people) watch her snack on daisies. Maybe it means that it’s time to re-read We Have Always Lived in the Castle. I wonder…

5. My balance remains quite crappy. But with my walking staff and the right boots, I can even walk on driftwood. Super!

6. There is something extra sexy about a Piano Man carrying his Witchy Woman’s bag and her beach-found treasures and blowing kisses (but I might be biased).

7. I’m totally convinced that a book (or five) and a new notebook make any trip better.

8. I was trying to photograph these daisies (in an interesting angle), but ended up photobombing myself. When I saw the picture, I thought it would be a perfect way to say Happy 4th of July. So… Happy 4th of July!

9. My hair is growing back (in your face, side effects of chemo!), but it’s a bit patchy. So, I plan to keep it short, short, short (nearly bald) until things even out. That wee bit of red hair (or my flair), I shall let grow long, long, long… (and dye all sorts of fun colors). Because when life gives us lemons (or chemo steals all our hair), we must fight back with lemon cakes (or by growing a little flair). Really. I know these things *cackles*.
with a flair
of bright red, my bald
awaits hair

11. My eyes and wrists and thumbs... continue troubling me, but I’m getting a lot better at managing the symptoms (while my doctors search for a way to treat the cause(s)).

12. The port-a-cath they implanted under my skin (for chemo) will be removed in two weeks. I’ve been dreaming about my first night of comfortable sleep in a year *sigh*.

13. I’m still behind on answering emails and comments and such… Taking care of hospital things and my sexy flesh and bones and such takes priority. Still, I always skim messages to avoid missing an emergency. I think I’ll catch up in a week or three.

What about you, my Wicked Luvs, what’s on your not-quite-so-random list?

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  1. Oh, that cute tuft of red hair -- love it! Looks like you had a fab holiday -- happy for you both!

  2. I love hearing about your travels with Piano Man! Yall make such a beautiful couple! I do hope sleep will be more restful and comfy once the port is out! Your picture is absolutely gorgeous! 🌻😍

  3. What a wonderful adventure! You have the best playmate!

  4. Hey there! I have a tiny bit of hair and thought about dying it some bright color, especially since I'm not working at the moment. But I'm going in for another round of chemo (I've got a PICC line for that) on Monday and I'll just lose it again anyway.

    I like the pictures and it's good to see you out wandering on difficult terrain. I should trade my boring Walgreens cane in for a walking stick with personality.

  5. Looks as if you had a blast!

  6. This is one of the most awesome posts you’ve written, of late. What a wonderful time and this trip sounds for both of you. You conquered trails with your one-of-a-kind walking staff, Piano Man delighting you with and kisses, delicious books to read, and also your sense of humour along. Such a lovely read, love everything about this post. And girl... you look gorgeous; the new portrait is a winner! <3

  7. Lovely to hear the happiness overrides difficulties and assists healing. Oh, the medicine of delight! I like the hair styling.

  8. Oh that flexible show off on the rocks over there. But, he's cute so it's ok to flaunt. And you, my dear, I see are wearing your superwoman shirt. Apropos. xo

  9. I love your magic staff and how it assists you and your Piano Man in having some fun looking adventures. Huzzah for slow and steady improvement. And huzzah for getting some decent sleep (eventually). I hope the removal process goes smoothly.

    On my not so random list:

    1.) I am a Rebel Alliance LEGEND! LOL, while playing the X-wing table top game. I took out 2 Interceptors, 3 Tie Fighters, and earned a whopping 13 experience points in my first game.
    2.) I've named the character in that game Calamity (after Calamity Jane)
    3.) I may have spent some time imagining Calamity's X-Wing, including pin-up boys on the side (one for each Interceptor), tally marks for strikes, and theme music (I'm thinking ACDC's Shoot to Thrill)
    4.) Kit has been full of himself since he chased a squirrel up a tree and rolled in something nasty on the same day.
    5.) The mosquitoes have not succeeded in draining my husband dry, but they keep trying.
    6.) The kids are doing quite well with limited electronics, enjoying themselves rambling on the beaches.
    7.) Lobster night was yummy!

  10. Your walking staff is utterly splendid! I love all these glorious images! You look so sassy and radiant! ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. I love that your warrior woman heart and mind is marinaded in determination to be your best self no fricken matter what. Lovely adventures with your handsome Piano Man ain't bad for morale either. So, so very happy for your triumphs. xoxo Oma Linda

  12. As I struggle with my own health (physically and mentally), Magaly, your sharing of your journey brings light to the darkness that I'm walking through. Each little step, is a huge achievement. Thank you, for gifting us, with each new milestone reached.

  13. I am so happy for you both! Looks like you had a great time! I love your little flair!!! You are so beautiful Magaly! Big Hugs!

  14. Sounds and looks like a perfect vacay!
    Love your bit of flair 🖤❤🖤


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